We operate at both national and international level to organise shipments for both importers and exporters to ensure safe, efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods and services from origin to final destination.

We organise the best means of transport, taking into consideration the type of goods or services and the customers delivery requirements. We offer ocean, air, ship and road services for commercial cargo.

Our general freight forwarding services include:

  • Small/Gauge pieces of Cargo movements to and from / Inland movements within Nigerian Territory.
  • Products handled include precious valuables, perishables, human remains, diplomatic bags, fragile pharmaceutical goods etc.
  • Consolidations, full or half charters from all continents of the world.
  • Door to door delivery services.
  • Excess baggage services.
  • Provide P.O.D after delivery.
  • Back 2 Back cargo services.
  • Guaranteed support.

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