Whistle Blowing

As part of our dedication to ethical and fair business conduct, Mainland Cargo Options has put in place a Whistleblowing System. We encourage all stakeholders, such as Employees, Shareholders, Clients, Contractors, Vendors, and Regulators, to disclose actual, potential or suspected instances of misconduct.

Reportable Misconducts include:

  • Fraudulent/Illegal Conduct
  • Unethical Conduct
  • Internal Procedural Breach
  • Regulatory Compliance Breach
  • Health & Safety Risks
  • Abuse of Office
  • Misuse of Company Resources
  • Wilful Negligence

Whistle Blowing Form

    Misconducts can be disclosed via any of the following channels

    Send us an email at info@mainlandcargooptions.com, call us on +234 (90) 992 09056, or fill out the form.