Our packaging services are developed to ensure that your goods are safely transported in the most efficient and effective way possible to its final destination. We accept different goods such as personal effects, fine art, sensitive electronic equipment, fragile and Dangerous goods such as glass, flammable liquids, oxidizing substances, etc.

We offer our customers a range of packaging services to suit their and ensure your goods arrive at their destination in excellent condition.

Our packaging services include:

  • Product Packaging and Assembly – we make sure that your goods are assembled properly, we determine the nature of your goods and confirm the nature of packaging in the most appropriate manner taking into account the laws of packaging in the destination country.
  • We arrange DGR – Dangerous Goods packing with relevant IATA dangerous goods guidelines.
  • Labelling/Re-labelling – to avoid confusion, we ensure all your goods are labelled properly.
  • Kitting and assembly – we have a highly-ordered system for organizing individual parts of a product, which are then compiled together into a kit for product assembly.
  • Dismantling and Repacking we have an efficient team that can help save you the stress of dismantling and repacking marketing materials as you move them from vendor to vendor.

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